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Parnine Pachtaya – Comedy Gujrati Stage Play

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Watch Parnine Pachtaya - Comedy Gujrati Stage Play. Starring : Rasik Dave, Ketki Dave, Sharad Sharma, Megha Joshi, Gayatri Rawal, Manishaq Mehta, Mukesh Rawal., Priya sartape, Sunil Harishchandra, Swapnil. Director : ...

Baap Ni Jaan Ma Dikro Anvar

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A widower father, with the excuse of giving peace to his dead wifes soul, marries different girls. This way he intends to earn a lot of money through dowry. Situations keep changing and so do the girls. But on one occ...

Babo Aavyo Courier Ma

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Rasiklal was more of a friend to his sons Prem and Bunty,than a domineering parent. With his wife away to her parents,Rasiklal with his sons found the playing field wide open and set out enjoy this new found freedom. ...

Sagpan Na Saudagar

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Krishnakant, an excise officer, gives up his share of the family business, because he does not believe in his elder brother's motto of success at any cost. His wife, Manorama shares his views and stands by him. Ironic...

Dasam Bani, Akali Vadhbagh Singh and Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie 1 of 2

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Mer karo trin ti mohe jahi... Bachittar Natak Swayaai

Double Savari

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At times it becomes very difficult for an average person to handle a wife. But our protagonist has two. He has got the knack of handling both of them perfectly. See how he manages to do it with total perfection. Watch...

Kakani Kamani Padosan Ma Samani

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Kakani Kamani Padosan Ma Samani is a tale of about the affair that happens between two neighbours. An old man likes his young neighbour and gives her whatever he earns. His wife also gets angry at him because of this....

Jalsa Karo Jayantilal – Part 1/2 – Gujarati Natak – Dilip Joshi & Dimple Shah

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Watch Jalsa Karo Jayantilal - Part 1/2 - Gujarati Natak - Dilip Joshi & Dimple Shah. Jayantilal is an estate agent, with sweet tongue who can easily win over somebody with what he speaks. The only purpose of his l...


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On his deathbed Niyatis father taught his young daughter to look for happiness even in the face of adversity or tragedy. On her fathers death Niyati goes to stay with her aunt. With her spirit and elan Niyati wins ove...

Shodh Pratishodh

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Millionnaire Nandini marries a struggling writer Shekhar Kumar against the wishes of her father. Their father in law puts a condition on Shekhar that he has to live in their bungalow with Nandini after marriage as he ...

Lafra Sadan

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A govt. servant who tries to sell his bungalow but his every effort fails. Chhaganbhai is interested in buying his bungalow and going to visit it. Govt. servant asks his unmarried employee Naimil and a model to play a...

Baap Ni Jaan Ma Dikro Anvar – Gujarati Stage Play – Natak

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A widower father| with the excuse of giving peace to his dead wife\'s soul| marries different girls. This way he intends to earn a lot of money through dowry. Situations keep changing and so do the girls. But on one o...

Amari Duniya Tamari Duniya

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After a long career spanning 40 years, Anantray Vidhayapati bids adieu to the world of the theater. Satisfied as he is with his life he distributes his wealth amongst his sons. But his daughters in law do not like the...

Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane kem che – 2

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Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane Kem Che Cast : Dharmesh Vyas Mehul Buch Krima Shah Sachi Joshi Anurag Prappan HariKrushna Dave Nilesh Pandya Bharat Thakker Ajay Shah Lopa Shah Aastha Niyati Joshi

Ek Soneri Savar

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Ek Soneri Savar is the story of Mr Gandhi who owns a pharmaceutical company called Treckon Pharma. His daughter Sonam falls in love with Kishore an employee at Treckon Pharma. Kishore creates a harmful version of the ...

Raja Vaaja Ne Varraja – Part 2 Of 10 – Aashish Bhatt – Manisha Kanojia – Gujarati Natak

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This hilarious play is about Amar Savla a henpecked husband. Amars wife Raksha not only looks down to Amars grocery business as she belongs to a rich family but also keeps constantly dominating and complaining to him....

Mara Varni Vahu Kon – Gujarati Natak

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Anandbhai's brother Rakesh gets married to Shilpa, after 5 years of his first wife Anjana's death, in a plane crash. But, Anjana returns back home on the day, when Rakesh is getting married. The real drama begins when...

Aa Che Adamkhore

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He is an amnesiac. An accident has deprived him of the memories of a large part of his life. He just cant remember! And now the police are looking for him. They suspect him of having murdered a young woman. All he rem...

Carry On Lalu

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His life was one of dreams, the dreams of making it big as a film star. Without his shadow ever having darkened the doors of the courthouse, he somehow earned the reputation of being a successful lawyer. Easy life, ea...

Aav Taru Kari Nakhu

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Amar and Avni are a happily married couple. Avni is expecting her first child but Amar does not want the child and tells Avni to abort citing financial reason. Avni agrees with Amar and aborts the child she has alread...

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