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Gujarati Comedy Natak – Unmarried Husband 1 Of 13 – Rashik Dave – Ketki Dave

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Watch Unmarried Husband - Part 1 Of 13 - Rasik Dave - Ketaki Dave - Gujarati Natak. We see the male protagonist Prassann Vadan in love with his childhood school friend Renuka. Prassann leaves his small town Devlali an...

Masala Mami – Part 1/3 – Gujarati Natak

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Watch Masala Mami - Part 1/3 - Gujarati Natak. Mangala Trivedi single-handedly runs a spice shop and is well known as Masala Mami, Mangala has single-handedly raised her two daughters, Anushka and Shalaka after the de...

Baa Nay Gher Babo Avyo

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Vrinda and KK are a lonely couple who have lost all hopes to bear a child of their own. Anahita, Vrindas niece suggests Artificial Insemination. Vrinda agrees and becomes pregnant at 55. What situations medical as wel...

Maro Line To Tabiyat Fine – Gujarati Comedy Natak

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Waghchi Tattar, secretary to the Chief Minister is married to Deepa, who is fed up of his flirtatious behavior. Tattar has an eye on their attractive domestic help Rosy. To add to the trouble is their neighbour, Bhogi...

Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane kem che – 3

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Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane Kem Che

Raja Vaaja Ne Varraja – Part 10 Of 10 – Aashish Bhatt – Manisha Kanojia – Gujarati Natak

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This hilarious play is about Amar Savla a henpecked husband. Amars wife Raksha not only looks down to Amars grocery business as she belongs to a rich family but also keeps constantly dominating and complaining to him....

Sangaath – Part 9 Of 12 – Padmesh Pandit – Pinky Parikh – Gujarati Natak

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From the time of ones birth till death a man needs the support and companionship of various individuals. Parental love and support in the growing stage. A wifes companionship and love after he gets settled. His childr...

Chhanu Ne Chhapnu Ke Thai Nai – Part 1/3 – Gujarati Natak – Dilip Joshi & Dimple Shah

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Watch Chhanu Ne Chhapnu Ke Thai Nai - Part 1/3 - Gujarati Natak - Dilip Joshi & Dimple Shah. Dimple and Ashish are happily married, though Dimple suspects Ashish of having an affair with his secretary Roma. A sudd...

Parnela Chho To Himmat Rakho – Gujarati Comedy Natak

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Watch Parnela Chho To Himmat Rakho - Gujarati Comedy Natak. A man dies on the spot, as he claims that "he knows the secrets of a successful married life". On meeting God, he asks him "Why me, so early?" God said, we n...


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A dramatic stage play tells of a family, where the parents sacrifice everything to nurture their two sons only to be left cared for when they grow old. Visamo is a thought provoking gujarati stage play, highlighting t...

Father Mara Godfather

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Amit Divatia plays the role of the father whose son Yogesh Upadhaya wishes to sell him. He finds a buyer in the local goon Kamlesh Oza. But the father not only reforms the goon but also both of them decide to teach th...

Mota Ghar Ni Vahu

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When a Traditional Indian Joint family faces differences and they separate. Often the newly wed daughter in law is blamed. Especially if she has not been chosen by the seniors in the family. But not all daughters in l...

Shakun Sava Rupiyo – Superhit Gujarati Natak 2015 | Kanti Madiya, Minal Patel, Sanjay Goradiya

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Unveiling very entertaining & Superhit Gujarati Natak 2014 "શુકન સવા રૂપિયો (Shakun Sava Rupiyo)" starring great performers Kanti Madiya, Minal Patel, Sharad Sharma, Sanjay Goradiya. Sit Back & Enjo...

Alvida Darling

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Alvida Darling is a social meaningful comedy play. It deals with a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Mehta. They want to take a divorce after 7 years of colourful, roller coaster life, but a parsee counselor Rustomji Sandhawala ma...

Aa Che Adamkhore

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He is an amnesiac. An accident has deprived him of the memories of a large part of his life. He just cant remember! And now the police are looking for him. They suspect him of having murdered a young woman. All he rem...

Mare Te Aangne Ek Vaar Avi

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A Comedy about short tempered Mr Jadeja who has two good for nothing siblings Priyanka and Lalu who believe that they are future Lata Mangeshkars and Zakir Hussain. They are a headache for their parents and the whole ...

Preetam Premthi Maro – Gujarati Dramatic Stage Play

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Young and desperate bachelor, Ashish dreams of being in a relationship with Bollywood celebrities. Having failed at wooing girls, Ashish fears he would die a bachelor. One day, Kamdev (Hindu God of love) appears befor...

Abhinay Samarat

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He was a man of many faces. His true identity remained hidden. He was a different person to the people he met in many places, and cheated them out of their money. His was the talent of a genius, but his obsession with...

Sukh Ne Save Karo Dukh Ne Delete Karo – Popular Gujarati Natak | Darshan Jariwala

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Presenting Popular Gujarati Full Natak (Drama) 2014 with english subtitles. "સુખને સેવ કરો દુઃખને દિલીટ કરો (Sukh Ne Save Karo Dukh Ne Delete Karo)" starring Darshan Jariwala. Sit Back and Enjoy..!!Natak Cre...

Gujarati Natak Some Thi Shukra Taro Shaniware Hun Maro 3

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Some Thi Shukra Taro Shaniware Hun Maro

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