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To Karo Shri Ganesh

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Watch Gujarati Natak - Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar - To Karo Shri Ganesh - Part 1. A Gujarati family play that underlines the values and virtues of a woman.

Mara Varni Vahu Kon – Gujarati Natak

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Anandbhai's brother Rakesh gets married to Shilpa, after 5 years of his first wife Anjana's death, in a plane crash. But, Anjana returns back home on the day, when Rakesh is getting married. The real drama begins when...

Ek Bijana Fifty – Fifty

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A wonderful play about 3 main protagonists A London returned Ram played by Amit Mistry and Shalaka played by Shruti Gholap Jawahar played by Rajendra Chawla and of double role played by Jagesh Mukati. It is the story ...

Baap Ni Jaan Ma Dikro Anvar

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A widower father, with the excuse of giving peace to his dead wifes soul, marries different girls. This way he intends to earn a lot of money through dowry. Situations keep changing and so do the girls. But on one occ...

Double Savari

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At times it becomes very difficult for an average person to handle a wife. But our protagonist has two. He has got the knack of handling both of them perfectly. See how he manages to do it with total perfection. Watch...

Shakun Sawa Rupiyo – Gujarati Stage Play – Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar – Part 2

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Watch Shakun Sawa Rupiyo - Part 2 - Gujarati Stage Play - Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar. A social drama that highlights the pains of a transgender.

Gujjubhai E Gaam Gajavyu – Gujarati Stage Play – Natak

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The story revolves around three characters Hasubhai (Siddharath Randeria)| his daughter Kajal (Leena Shah) and his Manager Rasik (Ashish Bhatt). Having a typical Baniya mentality| Hasubhai wished that his daughter Kaj...

Bapa Tame Jalsa Karo

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A Story of how a Grandfather teacher his Modern Grandson the true meaning of love and relationships.

Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane kem che – 3

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Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane Kem Che

Darpan Ni Aarpaar

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Mr Anup and his wife Viraj Diwan are living a happily married life. They have two children caled Ankur and Birva. Everything is moving smoothly for them until one day when Viraj meets with a fatal accident. She someh...

Gujarati Comedy Natak – Tiku Talsaniya – Priti Jain – Ne… Bachu Bachi Gayo – Part 1 / 11

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"Bachu sampat ( Tiku Talsania) is a conman who survives his family wife Nandita and daughter Pooja by Fooling Others. Once on Pooja's Birthday as he was not able to make it on time She Wishes ""That her father should ...

Aadhi Akshar Prem Na – Gujarati Natak

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Abhijit| the industrialist and Janak were friends. Abhijit who is a widower is childless. Janak gives his daughter in adoption to Abhijit. When Janaks wife and son are killed in a car crash| Abhijit tries to persuade ...

Babo Aavyo Courier Ma

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Rasiklal was more of a friend to his sons Prem and Bunty,than a domineering parent. With his wife away to her parents,Rasiklal with his sons found the playing field wide open and set out enjoy this new found freedom. ...

Pappu Pass Thai Gayo- Gujarati Comedy Stageplays

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Pappu is a plump and lovable middle class man being constantly harassed by his mother-in-law who is dying to have a grandchild. The only solace in his life is his loving wife who supports him all the way. Pappu's frie...

Chhel Chhabilo Gujarati – Gujarati Comedy Natak

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Presenting Popular Gujarati Comedy Full Natak (Drama) 2015 with English Subtitles "છેલ છબીલો ગુજરાતી (Chhel Chhabilo Gujarati)" starring your favorites Sanjay Goradia, Snehal Trivedi. Sure you are going to l...

Gujarati Natak Some Thi Shukra Taro Shaniware Hun Maro 1

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Some Thi Shukra Taro Shaniware Hun Maro Cast : Padmarani Arvind Rathod Sejal Rajda Vaisahali Parmar Bijal Mehta Mahensh Udeshi Hemant Bhatt Writer and Director Suresh Rajda


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Anand and Priya have a son Hardik. Anand and Priya separate due to their differences. Years later Hardik suffers from a strange ailment. He can be cured only when he gets a bone marrow transplant which must be given b...

Raja Vaaja Ne Varraja – Part 7 Of 10 – Aashish Bhatt – Manisha Kanojia – Gujarati Natak

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This hilarious play is about Amar Savla a henpecked husband. Amars wife Raksha not only looks down to Amars grocery business as she belongs to a rich family but also keeps constantly dominating and complaining to him....

Chako Mako

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Chakko and Makko are the two wise men of the village. But they are ridiculed for their unusual hairstyles, which are no fault of theirs. One has hair growing all over his face except the top of his head and the other ...

Chup Raho Khush Raho – Total Family Drama

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Chup Raho Khush Raho - Total Family Drama

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