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Raja Vaaja Ne Varraja – Part 6 Of 10 – Aashish Bhatt – Manisha Kanojia – Gujarati Natak

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This hilarious play is about Amar Savla a henpecked husband. Amars wife Raksha not only looks down to Amars grocery business as she belongs to a rich family but also keeps constantly dominating and complaining to him....

Him Kavach

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Sanjay Doesnt realize that there is no shortcut to success he keeps trying to make it rich overnight by buying lottery tickets. One day the newspaper lists the ticket bought by Sanjay as the winner of Rupees 50 lakh. ...

Shakun Sava Rupiyo – Gujarati Stage Play – Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar – Part 1

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Watch Shakun Sawa Rupiyo - Part 1 - Gujarati Stage Play - Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar. A social drama that highlights the pains of a transgender.

Haath Na Karya Haiyye Vagya

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Haath Na Karya Haiyye Vagya is a wonderful play with a gripping plot. Jay and Priyanka plan to marry each other after purchasing their dream home. To achieve their dream Priyanka takes up the job of a nurse to the mid...

Aa Che Adamkhore

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He is an amnesiac. An accident has deprived him of the memories of a large part of his life. He just cant remember! And now the police are looking for him. They suspect him of having murdered a young woman. All he rem...

Amari Duniya Tamari Duniya

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After a long career spanning 40 years, Anantray Vidhayapati bids adieu to the world of the theater. Satisfied as he is with his life he distributes his wealth amongst his sons. But his daughters in law do not like the...

Aapnach Ghar Ma No Entry

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A happy family with two married sons. One day, the father informs his sons that he has taken voluntary retirement. In spite of efforts from both the sons to convince him, the father stood on his decision. One day, he ...

Duniya Ne Undha Chasma

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Director Bharat Shroffs award winning play written by one of the most famous Gujarati Sattire Writers Tarak Mehta. This Play has been adapted into the famous TV show Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma.

Jalsa Karo Jayantilal – Part 1/2 – Gujarati Natak – Dilip Joshi & Dimple Shah

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Watch Jalsa Karo Jayantilal - Part 1/2 - Gujarati Natak - Dilip Joshi & Dimple Shah. Jayantilal is an estate agent, with sweet tongue who can easily win over somebody with what he speaks. The only purpose of his l...

Ek Bijana Fifty – Fifty

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A wonderful play about 3 main protagonists A London returned Ram played by Amit Mistry and Shalaka played by Shruti Gholap Jawahar played by Rajendra Chawla and of double role played by Jagesh Mukati. It is the story ...

Gujarati Comedy Natak – Unmarried Husband 2 Of 13 – Rashik Dave – Ketki Dave

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Watch Unmarried Husband - Part 2 Of 13 - Rasik Dave - Ketaki Dave - Gujarati Natak. We see the male protagonist Prassann Vadan in love with his childhood school friend Renuka. Prassann leaves his small town Devlali an...

Sakna Rehto Sasu Nahi – Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

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Sakna Rehto Sasu Naho - Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

Gujarati Natak Prem Karta Puncture Padyu – 1

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Gujarati Natak Prem Karata Puncture Padyu Cast : Padmarani, Sanat Vyas, Saunil Daru, Deepali Bhuta, Kapil Bhuta & others. Writer : Bhavesh Mandalia Director : Vipul Mehta

Aankh Micholi – Part 1/2 – Gujarati Natak

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Watch Aankh Micholi - Part 1/2 - Gujarati Natak. Amal and Nitesh are thick friends. Amal is the editor of a magazine called Prahar, while Nitesh is a regular contributor. With the magazine performing poorly in the mar...

Baa Retire Thai Che – Part 2/2 – Gujarati Natak

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Watch Baa Retire Thai Che - Part 2/2 - Gujarati Natak. A family drama where, a Baa (MOTHER ) has seen lot of hardship in life, for taking care of her family and bringing them up. After all the love and care she had gi...


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To experience Mortal life The Lord himself comes to earth. He meets different people exchanges his views. But when his time comes to marry he realizes he was better as a Brahmachari.

Parnela Chho To Himmat Rakho – Gujarati Comedy Natak

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Watch Parnela Chho To Himmat Rakho - Gujarati Comedy Natak. A man dies on the spot, as he claims that "he knows the secrets of a successful married life". On meeting God, he asks him "Why me, so early?" God said, we n...

Harakh Padudi Hansa – Superhit Gujarati Play – Pallavi Pradhan – Saunil Daru – Part 2 Of 12

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Watch Harakh Padudi Hansa - Part 2 Of 12 - Pallavi Pradhan - Blockbuster Gujarati Play. Hansa the overjoyed and crazy mother is a complete T.V buff and it was her dream to become an actress but circumstances proved un...

Ek Soneri Savar

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Ek Soneri Savar is the story of Mr Gandhi who owns a pharmaceutical company called Treckon Pharma. His daughter Sonam falls in love with Kishore an employee at Treckon Pharma. Kishore creates a harmful version of the ...

Grahan (ગ્રહણ) – Superhit Full Gujarati Natak 2015 | Deepak Gheewala, Ragini

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Presenting Very Entertaining Full Gujarati Natak (Drama) 2015 "ગ્રહણ (Grahan)" starring your favorites Deepak Gheewala, Ragini, Haresh Panchal. Sure you are going to love this.Natak Credits:Cast: Deepak Ghee...

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