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Tarkat is a play that reveals the secrets and mysteries hidden in a writers story. Every mystery unfolds with it a solution to many unanswered questions some weird facts and their solutions.

Chhanu Ne Chhapnu Ke Thai Nai – Part 2/3 – Gujarati Natak – Dilip Joshi & Dimple Shah

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Watch Chhanu Ne Chhapnu Ke Thai Nai - Part 2/3 - Gujarati Natak - Dilip Joshi & Dimple Shah. Dimple and Ashish are happily married, though Dimple suspects Ashish of having an affair with his secretary Roma. A sudd...

Aankh Micholi – Part 2/2 – Gujarati Natak

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Watch Aankh Micholi - Part 2/2 - Gujarati Natak. Amal and Nitesh are thick friends. Amal is the editor of a magazine called Prahar, while Nitesh is a regular contributor. With the magazine performing poorly in the mar...

Alpaviram – Gujarati Dramatic Stage Play – Sachin Joshi, Mehul Buch

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Watch Alpaviram - Gujarati Dramatic Stage Play - Sachi Joshi, Mehul Buch. Featuring : Sachi Joshi, Mehul Buch, Bijal Mehta, Ajay Parekh, Hitesh Dave, Neha Prajapati. Editing : Ketan Adiya, Asif Mullaji. Writer : Sures...

Mast Majja Ni Life

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Naramdass control of his business empire, ended the day he married Rajeshwari, on his first wifes death at childbirth. All that Naramdas wanted was that Rajeshwari be the mother to his newborn son. All that Rajeshwari...

Ame Baraf Na Pankhi – Gujarati Natak

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A young girl diagnosed as suffering from an incurable disease is all courage and dignity. She faces her few remaining days resolute| not wanting her family to suffer at all. But the ravages the disease wreaks on her b...

Baap Ni Jaan Ma Dikro Anvar – Gujarati Stage Play – Natak

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A widower father| with the excuse of giving peace to his dead wife\'s soul| marries different girls. This way he intends to earn a lot of money through dowry. Situations keep changing and so do the girls. But on one o...

Ghar Ghar Ni Vaat

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Ghar Ghar Ni Vaat is a wonderful play which speaks about various issues of the family. Rajul is in love with the daughter of Mr Kalpatru who wants him to move with him. The moral values of his father will never agree ...

Raja Vaaja Ne Varraja – Part 7 Of 10 – Aashish Bhatt – Manisha Kanojia – Gujarati Natak

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This hilarious play is about Amar Savla a henpecked husband. Amars wife Raksha not only looks down to Amars grocery business as she belongs to a rich family but also keeps constantly dominating and complaining to him....

Pati Name Patangiyu – Pati Name Patangiyu – Part 1 Of 11 – Siddharth Randeria – Nimisha Vakharia

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The moment Jagdish Jariwala meets his new neighbour the gorgeous Television Actress Priya he is spell bound by her beauty. He goes into a dream world imagining Priya. His only wish is to spend a day with her. He prays...

Ek Soneri Savar

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Ek Soneri Savar is the story of Mr Gandhi who owns a pharmaceutical company called Treckon Pharma. His daughter Sonam falls in love with Kishore an employee at Treckon Pharma. Kishore creates a harmful version of the ...

Shakun Sawa Rupiyo – Gujarati Stage Play – Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar – Part 2

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Watch Shakun Sawa Rupiyo - Part 2 - Gujarati Stage Play - Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar. A social drama that highlights the pains of a transgender.

Gujarati Natak Prem Karta Puncture Padyu – 3

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Gujarati Natak Prem Karata Puncture Padyu Cast : Padmarani, Sanat Vyas, Saunil Daru, Deepali Bhuta, Kapil Bhuta & others. Writer : Bhavesh Mandalia Director : Vipul Mehta

Gujarati Comedy Natak – Unmarried Husband 2 Of 13 – Rashik Dave – Ketki Dave

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Watch Unmarried Husband - Part 2 Of 13 - Rasik Dave - Ketaki Dave - Gujarati Natak. We see the male protagonist Prassann Vadan in love with his childhood school friend Renuka. Prassann leaves his small town Devlali an...

Abhinay Samrat – Upendra Trivedi

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He was a man of many faces. His true identity remained hidden. He was a different person to the people he met in many places| and cheated them out of their money. His was the talent of a genius| but his obsession with...

Mummy 20 Ni Dikri 40 Ni – Part 1/3 – Gujarati Natak – Ketki Dave & Dilip Rawal

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Watch Mummy 20 Ni Dikri 40 Ni - Part 1/3 - Gujarati Natak - Ketki Dave & Dilip Rawal. Mummy 20 Ni Dikri 40 Ni is a stage play whose theme concerns the generation gap between a mother and her daughter. Professor Jy...

Gujarati Natak Some Thi Shukra Taro Shaniware Hun Maro 3

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Some Thi Shukra Taro Shaniware Hun Maro

Ek Chatur Naar

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Ek Chatur Naar is the story of Anjali played by Ketki Dave in search of a job. She portrays herself as a simple woman for a job interview at Deveshs office played by Rasik Dave. She gets the job but Rasik Dave falls i...

Sakna Rehto Sasu Nahi – Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

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Sakna Rehto Sasu Naho - Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

Kanti Tofani Chadyo

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Kantilal is a very honest and Customs Officer who has a wife called Sakshi Reshma Desai and a son called Pintu Harshil. One day Kantilal and his wife discover that their son Pintu suffers from a serious heart disease....

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