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Chup Raho Khush Raho – Total Family Drama

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Chup Raho Khush Raho - Total Family Drama

Sakna Rehto Sasu Nahi – Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

338 Views0 Comments

Sakna Rehto Sasu Naho - Best Gujarati Comedy Drama

Chaukat Rani Char Ghulam

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What happens when diamonds worth 24 Crores are stolen from Mansukhlal Jewellery Store. Watch how the action unfolds.

Chahera Par Moharu

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Neeraj the son of famous director Amar Shandilya wants to move away from his shadow. Suddenly Mallika a famous model and Amars fan is found murdered. All fingers point towards Neeraj. Is he the Killer?

Ekko Duggi

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Ekko Duggi is the story of Jaideep Thakar who loses his wife Meera in the sea due to a cyclone. After waiting for 5 long years Jaideep decides to re marry I M Reddy a beautiful woman. But nature has some other plans M...

Be Lal Na Raja

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The Comedy unfolds when the daughter of a well settled and famous lawyer falls in love with a son of a milk man.

Ek Soneri Savar

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Ek Soneri Savar is the story of Mr Gandhi who owns a pharmaceutical company called Treckon Pharma. His daughter Sonam falls in love with Kishore an employee at Treckon Pharma. Kishore creates a harmful version of the ...


90 Views0 Comments

Terrorism the scourge of our lives and the nation and the world in general.ᅠThe acts of terrorism the terrorists involved, their handlers their financiers and their nameless controllers are the subject of a to...

Ek Bhool Wonderful

86 Views0 Comments

Aliraza plays the role of a male chauvinist who thinks that womanhood is a wonderful mistake. He keeps on nagging his wife sister and mother on this point. God decides to teach him a lesson and makes Aliraza experienc...

Guru Brahma

94 Views0 Comments

Shrikants life is in a complete mess he feels hopeless and doom. One fine day Guru Brahmanand Shastri comes into his life transforming it completely not with sermons but with humour and wisdom.

Pallavi Bani Parvati

102 Views0 Comments

Pallavi a dancer at bars is forced to masquerade as Parvati a widow to work as a maidservant in the Mehta household ruled over strictly by the matriarch Hansa who had broken off Palvis sisters engagement

Pachi Kehta Nahi Ki Kahyu Nahotu

85 Views0 Comments

Some time people fell that daughter are burden for family. But daughters only help parents to come out of difficult situation. A Slow learner girl also lives a normal life in the community and lives well qualified peo...


76 Views0 Comments

On his deathbed Niyatis father taught his young daughter to look for happiness even in the face of adversity or tragedy. On her fathers death Niyati goes to stay with her aunt. With her spirit and elan Niyati wins ove...

Nami Gaya E Gami Gaya

84 Views0 Comments

The story revolves around sixty-year old Gomti Bhatt, widow and her two sons, Vishesh and Rashesh. Vishesh is married to Sarita and they have a son called Deep.Rashesh is in love with a girl called Som...


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Twin sisters who are dead ringers totally alike in their looks very easy for one to be confused about who was who. Then things go horribly wrong. Shyamli as Shweta meets with an accident and they have to continue with...

Mare Te Aangne Ek Vaar Avi

100 Views0 Comments

A Comedy about short tempered Mr Jadeja who has two good for nothing siblings Priyanka and Lalu who believe that they are future Lata Mangeshkars and Zakir Hussain. They are a headache for their parents and the whole ...

Dhabkarani Dhingamasti

98 Views0 Comments

Priyanka was unable to marry her love Akash and ends up marrying Professor Devdutt. But now when her son falls in love she will ensure that he ends up marrying the person he loves

Mane Prem Chhe Tane Kem Chhe

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The play symbolizes the eternal conflict between the haves and have nots ヨ and the bond that binds two hearts however apart they may be.

Kanti Tofani Chadyo

89 Views0 Comments

Kantilal is a very honest and Customs Officer who has a wife called Sakshi Reshma Desai and a son called Pintu Harshil. One day Kantilal and his wife discover that their son Pintu suffers from a serious heart disease....

Father Mara Godfather

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Amit Divatia plays the role of the father whose son Yogesh Upadhaya wishes to sell him. He finds a buyer in the local goon Kamlesh Oza. But the father not only reforms the goon but also both of them decide to teach th...

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