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Baap Ni Jaan Ma Dikro Anvar

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A widower father, with the excuse of giving peace to his dead wifes soul, marries different girls. This way he intends to earn a lot of money through dowry. Situations keep changing and so do the girls. But on one occ...

Aa Che Adamkhore

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He is an amnesiac. An accident has deprived him of the memories of a large part of his life. He just cant remember! And now the police are looking for him. They suspect him of having murdered a young woman. All he rem...


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Anand and Priya have a son Hardik. Anand and Priya separate due to their differences. Years later Hardik suffers from a strange ailment. He can be cured only when he gets a bone marrow transplant which must be given b...

Gujarati Natak Khara chho Tame – 2

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Gujarati Natak Khara Chho Tame Starring- Vipul Vithalani,Sanjay Goradia, Alpana Buch, Nayan Shukla

Mare Te Aangne Ek Vaar Avi

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A Comedy about short tempered Mr Jadeja who has two good for nothing siblings Priyanka and Lalu who believe that they are future Lata Mangeshkars and Zakir Hussain. They are a headache for their parents and the whole ...

Chup Raho Khush Raho – Total Family Drama

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Chup Raho Khush Raho - Total Family Drama

Mummy 20 Ni Dikri 40 Ni – Part 1/3 – Gujarati Natak – Ketki Dave & Dilip Rawal

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Watch Mummy 20 Ni Dikri 40 Ni - Part 1/3 - Gujarati Natak - Ketki Dave & Dilip Rawal. Mummy 20 Ni Dikri 40 Ni is a stage play whose theme concerns the generation gap between a mother and her daughter. Professor Jy...

Shakun Sawa Rupiyo – Gujarati Stage Play – Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar – Part 2

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Watch Shakun Sawa Rupiyo - Part 2 - Gujarati Stage Play - Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar. A social drama that highlights the pains of a transgender.

Avsar Aavine Ubho Aangne

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Kunjkishore and his wife Snehprabha are in the twilight of their lives. They have been married for 50 years and their affection and love for each other has not dimmed. They live alone their children two sons and a dau...

Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane kem che – 8

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Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane Kem Che Cast : Dharmesh Vyas Mehul Buch Krima Shah Sachi Joshi Anurag Prappan HariKrushna Dave Nilesh Pandya Bharat Thakker Ajay Shah Lopa Shah Aastha Niyati Joshi

Aa Vevai Nu Kai Kehvay Nahi

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The play is about a girl and a boy who wished to get married and are trying very hard to gain approval from their respective fathers. Their fathers are opposites in every way and cannot stand each other. They are brou...


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Niraj Jhaveri wants to acquire a huge fortune.he has a dangerous Plan in his mind. His wife Roma his lover Paolomi and even his physician Dr. Kaji and Niraj himself get trapped in the web of his conspiracy.Best Gujara...

Carry On Lalu

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His life was one of dreams, the dreams of making it big as a film star. Without his shadow ever having darkened the doors of the courthouse, he somehow earned the reputation of being a successful lawyer. Easy life, ea...

Abhee To Main Jawan Hoon

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It is a wonderful story of a group of people who have lived their entire life working hard and now when they have grown old they want to live their life to the fullest. They re group and decide to have total fun and d...

Baa Ae Maari Boundry

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Ekko Duggi

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Ekko Duggi is the story of Jaideep Thakar who loses his wife Meera in the sea due to a cyclone. After waiting for 5 long years Jaideep decides to re marry I M Reddy a beautiful woman. But nature has some other plans M...

Gujarati Natak Parka Baira Saune Game – 1

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Gujarati Natak Parka Baira Saune Game Casting: Bimal Mangalia, Meena Kotak, Pratima T, Kalyani Thakkar, Priti Makwana, Vimal Upadhyay, Hemant Bhatt, Meet Shah, Hutoksi Patel


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On his deathbed Niyatis father taught his young daughter to look for happiness even in the face of adversity or tragedy. On her fathers death Niyati goes to stay with her aunt. With her spirit and elan Niyati wins ove...

Him Kavach

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Sanjay Doesnt realize that there is no shortcut to success he keeps trying to make it rich overnight by buying lottery tickets. One day the newspaper lists the ticket bought by Sanjay as the winner of Rupees 50 lakh. ...

Aapnach Ghar Ma No Entry

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A happy family with two married sons. One day, the father informs his sons that he has taken voluntary retirement. In spite of efforts from both the sons to convince him, the father stood on his decision. One day, he ...

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