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Preetam Premthi Maro – Gujarati Dramatic Stage Play

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Young and desperate bachelor, Ashish dreams of being in a relationship with Bollywood celebrities. Having failed at wooing girls, Ashish fears he would die a bachelor. One day, Kamdev (Hindu God of love) appears befor...

Baap Ni Jaan Ma Dikro Anvar

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A widower father, with the excuse of giving peace to his dead wifes soul, marries different girls. This way he intends to earn a lot of money through dowry. Situations keep changing and so do the girls. But on one occ...


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A dramatic stage play tells of a family, where the parents sacrifice everything to nurture their two sons only to be left cared for when they grow old. Visamo is a thought provoking gujarati stage play, highlighting t...

Abhee To Main Jawan Hoon

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It is a wonderful story of a group of people who have lived their entire life working hard and now when they have grown old they want to live their life to the fullest. They re group and decide to have total fun and d...

Khadkhadat – Bholaram – full -1 Gujarati Comedy Jokes

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watch very nice Gujarati Comedy Jokes of BholaramTitle : KhadkhadatBanner : Om SeriesProducer : Suresh ThakkerEx -- Producer : K.D.Thakker Salim DosaniDirector : Abhilash GhodaArtist : Mahesh Vaid, B...

Ame Baraf Na Pankhi – Gujarati Natak

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A young girl diagnosed as suffering from an incurable disease is all courage and dignity. She faces her few remaining days resolute| not wanting her family to suffer at all. But the ravages the disease wreaks on her b...

Gujarati Natak Rupiyo Natch nachave – 1

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Gujarati natak Rupiyo Natch nachave Cast : Dharmesh Vyas Arvind Vekaria Dilip Darbar Ishawar Patel Devyani Thakar Surbhi Jhaveri

Lankani Ladi Ne Ghoghano Var – Superhit Gujarati Movie

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'Lankani Ladi Ne Ghoghano Var' is a story about Lankapati Raja Ravan, who has been blessed with power by Lord Bholenath. This power has made Lankapti Raja Ravan arrogant and after watching this Lord Bholenath ...

Maro Line To Tabiyat Fine – Gujarati Comedy Natak

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Waghchi Tattar, secretary to the Chief Minister is married to Deepa, who is fed up of his flirtatious behavior. Tattar has an eye on their attractive domestic help Rosy. To add to the trouble is their neighbour, Bhogi...


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Tarkat is a play that reveals the secrets and mysteries hidden in a writers story. Every mystery unfolds with it a solution to many unanswered questions some weird facts and their solutions.

Gujarati Wedding Song – Parki Thapan

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Watch Hit Gujrati Wedding Song - Ganeshji Kai Hu Toh - Parki Thapan. Singer : Meena Patel. Music : Pankaj Bhatt. Producer : Asha Parekh. Listen and enjoy these beautiful gujrati wedding songs from the album \'Parki Th...

Abhinay Samarat

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He was a man of many faces. His true identity remained hidden. He was a different person to the people he met in many places, and cheated them out of their money. His was the talent of a genius, but his obsession with...

Gujarati Comedy Natak – Unmarried Husband 8 Of 13 – Rashik Dave – Ketki Dave

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Watch Unmarried Husband - Part 8 Of 13 - Rasik Dave - Ketaki Dave - Gujarati Natak. We see the male protagonist Prassann Vadan in love with his childhood school friend Renuka. Prassann leaves his small town Devlali an...

Abhinay Samrat – Upendra Trivedi

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He was a man of many faces. His true identity remained hidden. He was a different person to the people he met in many places| and cheated them out of their money. His was the talent of a genius| but his obsession with...

Gujarati Natak Prem No Public Issue – 1

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Gujarati Natak Prem No Public Issue Starring : Siddharth Randeria Rajul Diwan Nilesh Joshi Kishore Sachadev Harish Panchal Haresh Mehta Kamlesh Shah Ram Milan Vikram Shah Dilip Satgare Bhiravi Vaidhy ...

Karja No Katko – Superhit Gujarati Movie

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A complete family drama that tells us the story of Bhanupratap and Dadasaheb. Bhanupratap and his Uncle Dadasaheb always lived together, but one day due to some mishaps that took place in the family created destructio...

Lafdu Lalam Lal – Gujarati Dramatic Stage Play

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Unable to afford the high rates of a brothel, Kartik, a sexologist, informs the police about prostitution racket done to make the cops raid the place. Kartik uses his politician sister-in-law Meenakshi's name to threa...

Chhel Chabilo

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All Gopal wanted in life, was a job, a place to stay in and may be marry a young beautiul woman. But to get what he wanted Gopal has to go through a roller coaster of a ride with his disharmonious musical friends, Man...

Gujarati wedding song – Vevai ni Jaan

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Watch Hit Gujrati Wedding Song - Pela Ganeshar - Vevai Ni Jaan. Singers : Arvind Barot, Bhavna Rana. Music : Pankaj Bhatt. Editing : Manoj Parekh. Producer : Asha Parekh. Listen and enjoy these gujrati wedding songs b...

Aadhi Akshar Prem Na

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Abhijit, the industrialist and Janak were friends. Abhijit who is a widower is childless. Janak gives his daughter in adoption to Abhijit. When Janaks wife and son are killed in a car crash, Abhijit tries to persuade ...

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