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Lafdu Lalam Lal – Gujarati Dramatic Stage Play

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Unable to afford the high rates of a brothel, Kartik, a sexologist, informs the police about prostitution racket done to make the cops raid the place. Kartik uses his politician sister-in-law Meenakshi's name to threa...

Hasya No Hinchko 1 – By Chandrashekhar Pandya

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Gujarati Comedy Show by Chandrashekhar Pandya.

Harakh Padudi Hansa – Superhit Gujarati Play – Pallavi Pradhan – Saunil Daru – Part 1 Of 12

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Watch Harakh Padudi Hansa - Part 1 Of 12 - Pallavi Pradhan - Blockbuster Gujarati Play. Hansa the overjoyed and crazy mother is a complete T.V buff and it was her dream to become an actress but circumstances proved un...

Vasant Paresh\’s Dhamaal

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Watch the most awaited Video the best Gujarati comedian ever in the history of Gujarat - Vasant paresh.

Gujarati Comedy Natak – Tiku Talsaniya – Priti Jain – Ne… Bachu Bachi Gayo – Part 1 / 11

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"Bachu sampat ( Tiku Talsania) is a conman who survives his family wife Nandita and daughter Pooja by Fooling Others. Once on Pooja's Birthday as he was not able to make it on time She Wishes ""That her father should ...

Masala Mami – Gujarati Drama – Sarita Joshi

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Mangala Trivedi single-handedly runs a spice shop and is well known as Masala Mami, Mangala has single-handedly raised her two daughters, Anushka and Shalaka after the death of her husband, Tribhuvan. Anushka's engage...


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A dramatic stage play tells of a family, where the parents sacrifice everything to nurture their two sons only to be left cared for when they grow old. Visamo is a thought provoking gujarati stage play, highlighting t...

Aadhi Akshar Prem Na

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Abhijit, the industrialist and Janak were friends. Abhijit who is a widower is childless. Janak gives his daughter in adoption to Abhijit. When Janaks wife and son are killed in a car crash, Abhijit tries to persuade ...

Lankani Ladi Ne Ghoghano Var – Superhit Gujarati Movie

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'Lankani Ladi Ne Ghoghano Var' is a story about Lankapati Raja Ravan, who has been blessed with power by Lord Bholenath. This power has made Lankapti Raja Ravan arrogant and after watching this Lord Bholenath ...

Mojilo Mahesh Shastri – Full – Gujarati Comedy Jokes

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watch very nice Gujarati Comedy Jokes of Mahesh Shastri and enjoy.Title : Mojilo Mahesh SastryBanner : Arpan SoundProducer : K.D.ThankkerDirector : Praful Bhavsar, JayshreeComedian : Mahesh SashtryBrand : Arpan S...

Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane kem che – 2

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Gujarati Natak Mane Prem Che Tane Kem Che Cast : Dharmesh Vyas Mehul Buch Krima Shah Sachi Joshi Anurag Prappan HariKrushna Dave Nilesh Pandya Bharat Thakker Ajay Shah Lopa Shah Aastha Niyati Joshi

Shakun Sawa Rupiyo – Gujarati Stage Play – Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar – Part 2

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Watch Shakun Sawa Rupiyo - Part 2 - Gujarati Stage Play - Krutika Desai & Shilpa Tulaskar. A social drama that highlights the pains of a transgender.

Chako Mako

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Chakko and Makko are the two wise men of the village. But they are ridiculed for their unusual hairstyles, which are no fault of theirs. One has hair growing all over his face except the top of his head and the other ...

Mannubhai Matric Fail

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Mannubhai may be a matric (high school) failure. But that doesnt stop him from dreaming to make it big. Lack of education has not stopped any one from making money and Mannubhai, takes advantage of his brother...

Gujarati wedding song – Vevai ni Jaan

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Watch Hit Gujrati Wedding Song - Pela Ganeshar - Vevai Ni Jaan. Singers : Arvind Barot, Bhavna Rana. Music : Pankaj Bhatt. Editing : Manoj Parekh. Producer : Asha Parekh. Listen and enjoy these gujrati wedding songs b...

Parnine Pachtaya – Comedy Gujrati Stage Play

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Watch Parnine Pachtaya - Comedy Gujrati Stage Play. Starring : Rasik Dave, Ketki Dave, Sharad Sharma, Megha Joshi, Gayatri Rawal, Manishaq Mehta, Mukesh Rawal., Priya sartape, Sunil Harishchandra, Swapnil. Director : ...

Ishwar Ni Exchange Offer

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The good and the bad, the lucky and the unlucky, the auspicious and the inauspicious are invariably two sides of the same coin. Mans happiness depends upon what he believes to be true. Mihirs mother wa...

Maro Line To Tabiyat Fine – Gujarati Comedy Natak

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Waghchi Tattar, secretary to the Chief Minister is married to Deepa, who is fed up of his flirtatious behavior. Tattar has an eye on their attractive domestic help Rosy. To add to the trouble is their neighbour, Bhogi...

Hasya No Hinchko 2 – By Chandrashekhar Pandya

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Gujarati Comedy Show by Chandrashekhar Pandya.

Chagan Magan Tara Chapre Lagan – Part 1/3 – Gujarati Natak

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Watch Chagan Magan Tara Chapre Lagan - Part 1/3 - Gujarati Natak. Sanjay Garodia, who plays the lead in this play, is an ugly young man with a heart of gold. He is in love with a blind girl, but is not bold enough to ...

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