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Mota Ghar Ni Vahu

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When a Traditional Indian Joint family faces differences and they separate. Often the newly wed daughter in law is blamed. Especially if she has not been chosen by the seniors in the family. But not all daughters in l...

Ajab Karamat

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TThis is a story about Pramod who thinks Life is a puppet Show and he is the master.He has total control of things happening around him he does not realise that he is being controlled by somebody else and he does not ...

Baa Nay Gher Babo Avyo

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Vrinda and KK are a lonely couple who have lost all hopes to bear a child of their own. Anahita, Vrindas niece suggests Artificial Insemination. Vrinda agrees and becomes pregnant at 55. What situations medical as wel...

Aa Vevai Nu Kai Kehvay Nahi

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The play is about a girl and a boy who wished to get married and are trying very hard to gain approval from their respective fathers. Their fathers are opposites in every way and cannot stand each other. They are brou...

Avsar Aavine Ubho Aangne

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Kunjkishore and his wife Snehprabha are in the twilight of their lives. They have been married for 50 years and their affection and love for each other has not dimmed. They live alone their children two sons and a dau...


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Anand and Priya have a son Hardik. Anand and Priya separate due to their differences. Years later Hardik suffers from a strange ailment. He can be cured only when he gets a bone marrow transplant which must be given b...

Ek Chatur Naar

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Ek Chatur Naar is the story of Anjali played by Ketki Dave in search of a job. She portrays herself as a simple woman for a job interview at Deveshs office played by Rasik Dave. She gets the job but Rasik Dave falls i...

Bapa Tame Jalsa Karo

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A Story of how a Grandfather teacher his Modern Grandson the true meaning of love and relationships.

Laljilal Malamaal

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Living in a dream world of his own Laljilal a middle class family was the butt of ridicule of his neighborhood. But to his delight one day his dreams came true and he had the chance to live his life differently. How L...

Gulab Gadbad Na Karto

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Gulab Gadbad Na Karto is the story of two henpecked husbands who hatch a plan to kill each others wives. See how the comedy unfolds when both fail miserably in their plans

Kahu Chhu Sambhlo Cho

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Kahu Chhu Sambhalo Chho is a story of a family where each and every member behaves oddly and differently. So enjoy this comedy drama with Sanjay Goradia and Arvind Vekaria.


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Pritam invites his boss for dinner with an intention to get an increment. He wants to prove to his boss that he is living happily with his wife Lila. But due to a quarrel Lila leaves the house just before the boss arr...

Ame Baraf Na Pankhi

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A young girl diagnosed as suffering from an incurable disease is all courage and dignity. She faces her few remaining days resolute, not wanting her family to suffer at all. But the ravages the disease wreaks on her b...

Amari Duniya Tamari Duniya

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After a long career spanning 40 years, Anantray Vidhayapati bids adieu to the world of the theater. Satisfied as he is with his life he distributes his wealth amongst his sons. But his daughters in law do not like the...

Gujjubhai A Gaam Gajavyu

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The story revolves around three characters Hasubhai (Siddharath Randeria), his daughter Kajal (Leena Shah) and his Manager Rasik (Ashish Bhatt). Having a typical Baniya mentality, Hasubhai wished that his daughter Kaj...

Rasik Ni Ramuj – Superhit Kutchi Jokes

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Watch Rasik Ni Ramuj - Superhit Kutchi Jokes. Artist : Rasik Maharaj. Editing : Manoj Parekh. Produecr : Asha Parekh. Laughter king Rasik Maharaj is back with his new kutchi jokes from the album 'Rasik Ni Ramuj'.

Doshi Enja Dakkha – Famous Kutchi Jokes

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Watch Doshi Enja Dhakka - Famous Kutchi Jokes. Artist : Rasik Maharaj. Editing : Darshan Bhai. Producer : Asha Parekh. Laugh out loud with these kutchi jokes by Rasik Maharaj from the album 'Doshi Enja Dhakka'.

Kutch Jaa Karodpati – Hit Kutchi Jokes

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Watch Kutch Jaa Karodpati - Hit Kutchi Jokes. Artist : Rasik Maharaj. Editing : Darshan Bhai. Producer : Asha Parekh. Watch out for the best of kutchi jokes by Rasik Maharaj from the album 'Kutch Jaa Karodpati'.

Gor Bapa Na Gotada – Part 3/6 – Jagdish Trivedi – Famous Gujarati Jokes

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Watch Gor Bapa Na Gotada - Part 3/6 - Jagdish Trivedi - Famous Gujarati Jokes. Enjoy Jagdish Trivedi's take on a great Indian wedding and the mistakes of a panditji at one such marriage ceremony.

Hasya No Mukablo – Gujarati Comedy Show in London

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Watch Hasya No Mukablo - Gujarati Comedy Show. Artists : Shahbuddin Rathod and Jagdish Trivedi. Enjoy and laugh out loud with this double comedy dhamaka by Shahbuddin Rathod and Jagdish Trivedi.

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